NIO Sales Up 33.1%, Gets Geely in Another Battery Swapping Deal

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NIO continues to grow in China. It may not be anywhere close to the sales of EV giants BYD and Tesla, but it’s growing. Its November sales were up 12.6%, and its sales throughout the first 11 months of the year were up 33.1%.

In volume terms, NIO had 15,959 sales in November and 142,026 sales from January through November. The company is approaching half a million cumulative sales, sitting at 431,582 at the moment.

NIO’s November sales were slightly down compared to October, but they have been more or less stable for the past three months.

In more positive news, following an announcement that Changan is now partnering with NIO on battery swapping, we also just got an announcement that Geely is partnering with NIO on battery swapping. “Both parties agreed to carry out comprehensive cooperation on battery standards, battery swapping technology, battery swapping network expansion and operation, swappable model development, and battery asset management,” NIO writes. “The partnership, in line with China’s development direction of new infrastructure and new energy, will further standardize battery swapping technology, increase the scale of the battery swap network, and accelerate the low-carbon transformation of the automotive industry.”

“NIO and Geely share a profound understanding of battery swapping and have been dedicated to the investment in the battery swapping technology and network for private cars and commercial vehicles with rich experience in swapping service and operations,” said William LI, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO, “As a leading company in the Chinese automotive market, Geely Holding’s rapid development in the new energy field is impressive. This strategic partnership will further popularize battery swapping, bring quality and convenient battery swapping experience to more users and contribute to the steady development of the smart EV industry. We will continue to advance the construction of battery swapping network for NIO users and improve the users’ experience, while collaborating with partners to launch the construction of shared battery swapping network.”

“Green sustainable development and carbon neutrality have become a global consensus,” said Eric LI, Founder and Chairman of Geely Holding, “As one of the most innovative methods for recharging electric vehicles, the future development of battery swapping technology requires the joint efforts of all parties in the industry to advance it. Geely’s Yiyi Power has already achieved good results in many cities and continues to expand across the country. Through this strategic cooperation in battery swapping, the two parties will strengthen their cooperation in the battery swapping industry chain, accelerate the adoption of unified standards, expand the ecosystem for battery swapping and charging, support the low-carbon transformation and high-quality development of the automotive industry, and offer a better electric mobility experience for users.”

Sounds good. Let’s see what comes of it!

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