Want Special Rental Charging Rates? EVgo & Hertz Can Make It Happen


EVgo and Hertz have announced a joint promotion to offer one year of special charging rates to drivers renting any EV model at Hertz locations across the US. This promotion will be available exclusively to new EVgo customers. Drivers who sign up can save when they plug in across EVgo’s high power fast charging network with no monthly subscription fees or session fees for one year.

The goal for the partnership is to expose an even greater number of new drivers to seamless electric experiences. EVgo and Hertz hope to inspire more prospective EV drivers across the country to make the switch and adopt electrified transportation.

EVgo and Hertz explain that they are committed to educating consumers about the benefits of driving electric as well as how to take advantage of public charging infrastructure. Similar to EVgo’s educational initiatives including Charge Talk and EV101, Hertz provides a variety of digital resources and in-person guidance on how to operate and charge an EV, including its new How to EV video series.

EVgo is a company that focuses on charging solutions. They build and operate infrastructure and tools so that mass adoption of EVs can take hold, with a customer base of individual drivers, rideshare and commercial fleets, and businesses.

Consumers who drive an EV for the first time have the opportunity to see the benefits firsthand of quieter operation, smoother handling, quick acceleration, and no tailpipe emissions, notes Maggie Tallman, senior vice president of business development and solutions at EVgo. “By partnering with Hertz to expose new drivers to the electric experience, we can inspire more prospective EV drivers to make the switch and welcome them to the electric revolution.” Passengers of an EV rental will have the chance to learn a lot about the benefits of all-electric transportation, too, Tallman suggests.

Hertz Joins the EV Revolution

Wayne Davis, chief marketing officer at Hertz says the company is committed to providing a wide variety of EVs at a range of price points. (Right now, the company has 35,000 Teslas in its fleet.) Recognizing that renters need reliable charging, Davis said Hertz wants to offer “our EV renters with more affordable and accessible charging options to support a smooth journey.”

Hertz explains on its website that EVgo has a nationwide network of fast, reliable chargers, most often found in California, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, the Florida coast, the East Coast, Chicago, the Northeast, Detroit, and the Washington DC metro area. They offer a view of an all-electric future on their website. “With a White House goal to build a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers, even those with range anxiety can rent an EV with confidence. Renting an EV is an ideal way to enjoy the experience that electric vehicles can offer.”

Articles on their website include “Electric cars: Range anxiety and how to beat it,” “How to stretch your EV’s range,” and “Do I need to return an EV rental with a full charge?”

As an indicator of the partnership, Hertz has a link to the EVgo “find a charger” webpage to help out its EV renters. Further instructions on charging from Hertz include to first plug the connector in, tap the app to start a charge, and then stop your charge at the charger.

They also advise that, if you enroll a rental vehicle in EVgo Autocharge+, you must unenroll upon return of the vehicle. If drivers are still enrolled upon returning the rental vehicle, they are subject to all subsequent charges.

EVgo Expands, Adapts, & Improves

As we who drive an EV know, there’s solace in knowing that reliable and affordable public fast charging is available during road trips. EVgo is one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks for EVs. With 950+ fast charging locations across more than 35 states, EVgo’s network complements drivers who rent one of the tens of thousands of EVs available at US Hertz locations. These include stations built through EVgo eXtend, its white label service offering. EVgo helps drivers quickly power up on the go with stations featuring charger speeds of up to 350kW.

As our CleanTechnica colleague Jennifer Sensiba wrote earlier this month, EVgo is utilizing prefabricated modules to cut their average installation time in half and save around 15% in construction costs at suitable sites. The design is also scalable, starting with 6 fast charging stalls per unit. Sensiba describes that this prefabrication module not only standardizes EVgo’s construction process and station layout but also utilizes a modular skid. To make sure this approach actually nets the cost and time savings, this new approach is being tested in key markets around the US.

Recognizing that collaboration is good for business and customers, EVgo is accelerating transportation electrification through partnerships with automakers and retail hosts such as grocery stores, shopping centers, and gas stations, policy leaders, and other organizations. With a rapidly growing network, robust software products and unique service offerings for drivers and partners including EVgo Optima™, EVgo Inside™, EVgo Rewards™, and Autocharge+, EVgo enables a charging experience where drivers live, work, travel and play.

The Promotion & Its Special Rental Charging Rates

Hertz EV renters participate in this exclusive promotion online or in person through a QR code at the more than 2,000 Hertz locations across 44 states. Drivers who sign up for this promotion will also have access to other EVgo network benefits, too, in addition to the special renral charging rates. These include the ability to earn points toward charging credit with EVgo Rewards. To participate, log in — you earn 50 points by activating, You’ll earn points every time you charge: $1 = 5 points. Then you can redeem your points for charging credit:2,000 points = $10. Once you get started, you can also earn points in other ways. You can earn 25 points on your birthday; 5 points per share, tweet, or retweet on social (with a limit of 30 points per month; and, 5 points for every page view (with a limit again of 30 points per month).

The promotion is only available to new EVgo customers who sign up for an account with EVgo for a limited time only. Rates will vary by region and time of day. The discount does not apply to taxes and fees, if applicable, and is only valid on the EVgo owned and operated network. The company asks EV renters to check the EVgo app for specific station pricing and terms.

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