2024 CleanTechnica Holiday Wish Book

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If you’re an American kid of a certain age, you remember the Sears Christmas Wish Book vividly. It would come in the mail every fall, usually arriving a day or two before Thanksgiving, and it would be filled with gifts — from the mundane to the exotic — that were guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Today, Sears as we knew it is gone, and the idea of thumbing through a physical catalog to find out what hot new toys and trends would be coming out for Christmas seems quaint. Indeed, the whole idea of a “Christmas” wish book feels a bit exclusive these days, knowing as we do that other traditions from Hanukkah to Bodi to Yule continue to be celebrated around the world. Still, the wish book felt like an idea worth reviving … so we did!

Allow me to present the first-ever annual CleanTechnica Holiday Wish Book, sponsored by Lectric e-bikes!

As a twist on the wish books of old, we added some profiles from CleanTechnica and Lectric staffers (even a few CleanTechniKids for good measure) to give you a sense of what we’d like to unwrap this holiday season and inspire a gift idea or two on your end, as well. We think you’ll find a good mix of eco-conscious products and mobility solutions — but we don’t want you to stop here! Check out the Wish Book for yourself by clicking this link (it’s free), and then head down to the comments and share your great gift ideas in the comments.

Remember: this is a season of fun, family, and giving — so we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, an Empowering Kwanzaa, a Festive Yule, and (for our pagan and Druid friends, including Derek) a pleasant Solstice. Thanks for being here, and making CleanTechnica part of your news!

CleanTechnica Holiday Wish Book

Holiday Wish Book Cover

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